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Panchayat season 3

Review of Panchayat season 3

The biggest dilemma of this year was only one for us, Panchayat season 3 or Mirzapur season 3, which show should be watched first, we will have to choose one. Then I came to know that on 28 May 2024, the doors of Phulera will open for the public and thanks to Amazon Prime, I had watched the entire show 2 days earlier. Believe me, after finishing the entire show, if I honestly give you a one-line review, it seems less like Panchayat season 3 and more like Mirzapur season 3. You are thinking how is this possible, right boss, this time a lot of things are going to happen in Panchayat which you have not even thought of in your dreams. After watching the ending of completely unexpected season two, you must have felt that it is now impossible to experience emotions of this level again in any show, it cannot happen, but the climax of Panchayat season 3 is literally 100 times more dangerous than that ending.

Overview of Panchayat season 3

I am telling you that these people have crossed the level of Mirzapur as well. What happens in the last 20 minutes of the last episode of the show is called cinema. I will not say anything big. Memories of Anurag sir’s Gangs of Wasseypur will be refreshed. TVF is another name for emotions. These people know very well how to show real life on the screen of cinema. This time the show has done the same. In real life, everything is not always good, sometimes impossible challenges come. The ending explanation is 35-40 minutes long. To watch the whole show in one go, you will have to sacrifice 6 hours easily. The story of the show returns from where we left it. After watching the first scene, it will seem that 2 years have passed since watching the last season. What new will you get? This time, in comparison to season 2, Panchayat season 3 will involve the story more in politics etc. and less family drama.

Storyline Panchayat season 3

The last two seasons introduced you to the people living in Phulera village, but in season three, Phulera village itself is going to become the lead character of this show and this will be the first time when not just good people but an entire army of villains will enter the Panchayat, whose leader Vidhayak ji, you all must know very well. Vidhayak ji’s character was used very little in the last season, but this time all the complaints will be resolved. This guy alone has overpowered the entire cast. I am telling you that the name of Panchayat should be changed to Mirzapur because this time there is not going to be a war but a world war between Vidhayak ji vs Phulera. Do you think someone can go to jail because of a locky? You must be thinking it’s a joke, but this matter is going to become very serious inside the Panchayat. This is the difference. This time in Panchayat, no fight will be resolved in talks. The show will start and end with a meeting and a punch kick. Prahlad Chacha’s smiling scene in the trailer, seeing which the whole of India was happy.

Highlights of Panchayat season 3

You can’t even imagine what all you have to do to reach there, this is what this whole show is like, this time everything is fun and frolic from outside but inside there are such twists in which the battle will be fought to the end, the matter will come to life, you all must have seen DD LJ, this time SR LJ Sajeev ji will take Rinki, be ready to watch it, I can only tell you that whatever we were thinking has finally happened and yes Bhaiya ji, after Pathan Jawan, what did you think, Shahrukh Khan’s comeback will be the biggest in the world, it will be wrong, it will be a matter of great insult, if you are not very happy with Shahrukh Khan on his comeback, then the character of the guy has literally come as the X factor of the show, do you know why shows like Panchayat feel different from Bollywood films because there is no hero heroine here.

Drawbacks Panchayat season 3

Any character can become the most important in the show at any time. This is a show of team efforts in which Secretary ji and Pradhan ji can be the lead in the story but Prahlad Chacha and Vikas might become the biggest stars of the season. This is the power of this show. When the whole world is running towards the city, Panchayat is telling such interesting stories inside a small village that really after watching season three, you will get a chance, right? If you leave everything and first of all buy a small one-room house in Phulera village, then friend, Panchayat season 3 will get full five stars out of five from my side. Not a single mistake has been left by mistake.


The first star of these people is to make season 3 completely different from season 2. Do not show what sells. Make content worth selling what needs to be shown. Second star is the climax of the show. Especially in the last three episodes, there are going to be such twists and turns that you will not believe that you are watching Panchayat only. Third star is to create such relatable characters, especially Prahlad the star, Secretary ji with Rinki and MLA vs Pradhan, everything will be remembered after the show ends. Fourth star is to make the most favourite show of India without any budget, without any famous actor, just on the basis of writing and talented actors. Writer sir, accept the gift. And in the end, fifth emotions are absolutely real, absolutely natural. You will not only look but feel it inside you. Put suspense in it. Wow friend, so boss, whatever you have seen till now in 2024, any film, any series, keep everything aside. Panchayat was number one and will always be 500 stars. And yes, there is a song in the show, on hearing which you will melt, I will save your time, flame season two, hold your heart.

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