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Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire: The most NTCPed movie and most awaited movie in the last month of 2023 is Salaar. Because the director is Prashant Neel and the actor is our darling Prabhas. But does this movie made by the director of KGF live up to people’s expectations or not? Let’s talk.

Salaar Movie Part of KGF Universe?

There will be only one question in this review whether Salaar movie is a part of the KGF universe or not. Because its story does not connect with KGF in any way, the dream of connecting it was broken but as soon as the movie starts, the name of a very big actor comes up in special thanks, which I will not tell because he Will become popular. But as soon as her name came, the entire theater started dancing and screaming, and I too got goosebumps just by seeing the name. Whereas that actor was nowhere in the entire film.

Salaar Movie Story

Now seriously, its story is a little different from what was understood in the trailer. First half. So personally I felt that why is there so much overpowering in everything? Everyone is afraid of movie-like Prabhas. Everyone is afraid of his mother. So while it increases curiosity in one place, it also starts giving a very high rate in another thought. Suddenly I remembered why Shruti Haasan was also acting with so much scrutiny?

Well, you must have known the story from the trailer that the two are childhood friends. Very close friends, who stay together. But the main topic of the story revolves around the friendship shown in this film. There is a kingdom called Khan Saar, where there are three clans and each one vying for the throne. Where a lot of disturbances are happening due to some internal politics, old revenge story, which we will get to see in a movie of 2 hours 55 minutes i.e. almost three hours.

Now look, Animal has created a stir at the box office. Do you think Salaar will also be able to make a similar splash or not?

Anyway, you will be reminded of KGF again and again in every scene, because from Prashant Neel style, color grading to cinema, styling, action, choreography and the editor of this film is also the same. So like you might have seen an action in KGF. That car chasing scene in which there was black out again and again, here also the same thing has been applied in the same editing style. Must appreciate the presentation style that appeals more to a mass audience. A presentation where special slow motion has been inserted during each entry of Prabhas. The witch looks good but looks a bit much. Actually, after a long time, Prabhas got to be seen in a good avatar. I liked that there is a huge back story in its second half, which removes the curiosity of the first half, but starts feeling like a stretch.


Its action was good and the movie is also rated because it has more violence. But there is no vulgarity etc. anywhere. So I like mass masala action movies. KGF like presentation looks good. So yes, you can watch this film. In the end, the name of its second part is also revealed. But there is no post credit scene so there is no need to sit till the end. Well yes, I did not find its music as attractive as KGF. We can listen to KGF songs like this again and again. But overall it’s a good watch, good entertaining movie. My rating to this movie is 3.5/5

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