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Dhootha (2023) Web Series

Dhootha web series: If we look at Dhootha, the web series directed by director Vikram Kumar, released on Amazon Prime Video this week, the series Dhootha, which came with eight episodes and a runtime of about five and a half hours, is a supernatural thriller series in which you Naga Chaitanya, Akkineni Parvati, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Prachi Desai will be seen in the lead roles. So let’s see and if we talk about this series, then in my personal opinion, this series proves to be a decent decent watch series for me.

Dhootha web series review

The series neither becomes an extraordinary nor a very amazing series. Thrilling series is not possible anywhere but there are too many disappointing or too many bad series. If you want, you can easily watch this series once. There are definitely some factors within the series that will keep you connected with this series. Whatever interest you have, it will remain within the series. If I talk about something positive about the series, then the first thing I would say is the overall concept of the series, the idea, the supernatural factor. It was quite good. I would say again that the overall story of the series was also quite good. The way everything has been tied together within the eight episodes, I would say that it looks quite interesting to watch and maintains the interest within each episode.

About Dhootha Web Series Story

Dhootha (2023) Web Series

As well as Naga Chaitanya Akkineni is seen in the role of a corrupt journalist in this series. A kind of gray character is seen in him. Also, the rest of the casting also looks quite solid here. So overall, these are all the things that somehow maintain an engagement despite a lot of negatives happening within eight episodes. The series manages to keep us engaged in a decent manner. In my personal opinion, this series could have been more effective if it had been kept a little shorter. This series could have easily been completed within six episodes because if you see, first of all, things have been stretched too much which does not play a very important role in the future. At the same time, if you look at the second thing, here comes the fourth or maybe the fifth episode where through the character of Parvati, we are shown again all the things which we have already seen in the series till now and this thing The entire episode is taken to be shown. And because of these two things that have happened with its screenplay, what happens further is that many of the surprising things that are there in the series become predictable as the series starts giving time.

Dhootha 2023 Plot

You get time to think about what could happen and how, and a lot of the things I was thinking about turn out to be the same. The second thing was because the series had dragged on for so long. Now, whatever twists come, which were predictable, I would say that their impact is not solid because it feels like after taking so much time, the twist they have introduced was not anything extraordinary. So for this type of twists and turns and suspense of the step, according to me, if the screenplay had been tighter and more crisp, then the impact I have with my sir could have been better. If we look at the last three episodes of the series, I would say that they were good screenplay wise.

There seems to be a good thrill at some places inside him. Especially the last episode, there is a thrill in it. That thrill comes because the director had built things accordingly in the first few episodes. Means Naga Chaitanya here. As you have seen in the trailer, he comes to know through the newspaper that the events are about to happen and he fails to stop most of them. So for this reason, will he or will he not be able to stop the events that are going to happen in the last episodes. So a tension and thrill builds regarding this. Which I would say plays an important role in ending the series on a satisfied note.

Dhootha Series Performance

To be honest, Naga Chaitanya’s performance was not anything extraordinary. Definitely seeing him in this type of role was a new experience in itself. But I would not say that he has presented such a gray character in his own style which has remained very memorable. Then it may have become iconic or it may have become very impressive. We are not able to do it at that level with that character. Here perhaps the director wants to get it through us. All we hear is that he is in collusion with the politicians. If politicians are doing wrong things then he is supporting them. A person dies because of something that he did not die directly because of. Had died indirectly. All things show the negative side of that character. It doesn’t reach that level anywhere that we start hating it. And even if there is a further transformation in that character, then we will be able to feel something for him.

Dhootha 2023 Cast and Crew

Otherwise, Parvati is present in the casting. We see the strongest actor. But. Somehow no such work has been done by them here. Definitely she was looking good in that role. His potential. Accordingly, he could have been given better characters or some better scenes with better screen time elsewhere.

Dhootha Web Series Dubbing

As far as Hindi dubbing is concerned, the Hindi dubbing here is quite good. You can watch this series in Hindi without any doubt. I watched the first three episodes in Hindi only. Later I switched to Telugu and I later finished the entire series in Telugu. And also in Telugu. Needless to say, if you look here even in Telugu, the maximum actors here are those who are non-Telugu, for whom there is whatever is available in the Telugu version as well. Dubbing has been done and if some people have dubbed for themselves, then the slight difference in the dialogue delivery starts being felt and in other words, definitely.

Final Verdict

If you want to watch a decent series with some interesting concepts, then you can watch the series once without having too many expectations. Not a bad series and could have been better. This was my personal opinion. Regarding this series, if you have watched the series, then how did you like the series? Please tell in the comment section. Sam Bahaudur Movie