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Chamak S1 2023

Chamak 2023 web series: Hello, I watched a series called Chamak and it is on Sony Liv. Some time ago, a series named Kohra was also released which was set up in Punjab. Here in Chamak you will toggle between a Canada and a Punjab, both have become exactly the same and one thing is common in both of them that there are some artists inside them like Sukhwinder, Vicky who have also received awards for their acting, inside Gora. And here too he did amazing work. Now before you watch Dunki, here the concept of reverse Dunki will be explained to you and it has been explained in a very good way, so if you do not understand Dunki or are you still not clear, then watch this to get some clarity.

Will come and it will show how cross-boundary people go and come and what the conversation is and how they are approached. Some time ago, another series came on Amazon Prime Video whose music was very solid. I am forgetting his name. Now the season two of Bandit Bandish which was launched like this will also come. Next year too, there is a music inside it which I think you will remember for a long time. Because Indian folk music and specific Punjab side music will get a great reference. You don’t need to worry if you don’t know Punjabi. Most time Hindi was used here

Chamak Web Series Story and Plot

Yes, I liked it very much. So now its new genre can be defined. Musical crime drama here. You are going to show the story of Kala here. He is sitting in Canada. Singer is a singer in Canada. One day such an accident happens to them that they have to cross to India from where the story of Reverse Dunki begins and they come to know something about their parents and themselves. Thank you very much who did it and thank you very much. How will he find out and how his passion for singing never ends, making him a unique person. If someone who is crazy about music can quickly catch and sing a song of any genre, will he be able to make it a singer? Even within Punjab, where he returned, he kept searching for his roots.

You will see all these things in this series, so its main highlights are two or three things. One is the setup of Punjab. Secondly, his thinking is there and thirdly, the way the songs are shown here will give you a lot of matches here and the character of Kala is written very well, so how is he an artist who loves to express himself? Uses a medium of songs. Also short tempered. A little sensitive at the same time. It is not that it will be greedy for itself, so it is not like that. Completely but very focused.

Chamak Web Series cast

Chamak 2023 web series
Chamak 2023 web series

Within that sense, there is also the same time but unpredictability, which makes the character a little interesting here. Apart from this, many other artists are introduced here. Like I said, Vicky is also there. Sukhjinder Vicky and Gippy Grewal also have a role in it, which is a small shot role. I really liked Batti Leave Mark Manoj Pava, Brilliant Job Done and Isha Talwar here. You see a lot of good things here. The dark truth that is present inside the music industry of Punjab and how inside it. Things like crime, drugs, family honor all come out. The entertaining nature of this makes this series quite interesting. Nothing was hidden here. No fingers have been pointed at anyone here. The thing that I liked and because of which there was a lot of interest.

Chamak Season 1 Review

Now, it is not that the series is absolutely great. The creatives were also taken in a very convenient way like the way it comes back, a lot of game of luck where it settles down. In the world of such a big crime, you feel that it has become a very convenient affair and thirdly, you would have rarely seen artists in real life who have so much variation. To toggle between any genre of life and become so extreme in madness, to sing it is a creative leap. If you adjust this in your mind then you will like this series and you will like it in that clean and neat sense.

About Chamak Web Series:

But where there is darkness, don’t be shy in showing darkness. For example drugs and what do the viewers come along with and who do they come along with? On an overall basis this is a decent watch and a good effort. To execute a crime drama with music and to bring to us some new concepts like the reverse donkey concept of Donkey etc. Okay, let’s meet the rest soon and go with the views and updates. There are not many episodes of only six episodes in a year and perhaps its volume two will also come because the way this story is incomplete, many more dimensions can come out in it. This person is Param Singh Cheema who has played the role of Kaala and will get more roles. After this, you do a very good acting in which you will say how he shows so much madness. Is an interesting character. Do good characters. Over here.

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