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King of Kotha Movie 2023

King of Kotha: Dulquer Salmaan’s star power expands to a national scale with his recent endeavors, and his latest offering, the gangster action thriller “King of Kotha,” directed by Abhilash Joshiy, features an ensemble cast including Dancing Rose Shabeer, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Prasanna, Nyla Usha, Anika Surendran, and Chemban Vinod. The film makes its debut on screens today. Let’s dive into the verdict.

Plot Summary:

In the town of Kotha, Khanna Bhai (Dancing Rose Shabeer) holds dominion as a drug lord. C.I. Shahul Haasan (Prasanna) endeavors to dismantle the drug empire, but his attempts prove futile. Shahul discovers that Raju (Dulquer Salmaan) once reigned over Kotha, and that Khanna Bhai was once a close confidant. Yet, Raju and Khanna Bhai’s paths diverged due to unforeseen circumstances. What drove them apart? How does C.I. Shahul Haasan intervene? This constitutes the essence of the narrative.


Dulquer Salmaan commands the screen from inception to conclusion. The versatile actor breathes life into Raju’s character with seamless finesse. His portrayal is well-crafted, embodying a vigilante aiming to eradicate the drug underworld. Salmaan excels in the action sequences, demonstrating his versatility.

Dancing Rose, also known as Shabeer Kallarakkal, delivers a convincing performance as a formidable gangster. His role is substantial, and he executes it with finesse. Chemban Vinod’s English diction adds a humorous touch, evoking genuine laughter. The background score, composed by Jakes Bejoy, proves instrumental in elevating the film.


Regrettably, the storyline deviates from what one might anticipate in a Dulquer Salmaan venture. It adheres to the conventions of a standard gangster drama, lacking distinctive narrative elements. Despite the valiant efforts of Salmaan and Dancing Rose, the weak storyline diminishes the overall impact.

The narrative unfolds at a sluggish pace, demanding substantial patience from the audience. The editing falls short, with several prolonged sequences that could have been trimmed for improved pacing. Furthermore, the plot becomes highly predictable, with an unnecessarily protracted climax.

Save for Dulquer Salmaan, Dancing Rose, and to some extent, Chemban Vinod, none of the characters leave a significant impact. While evident dedication went into the film’s production, more meticulous attention to the screenplay was warranted.

Technical Aspects:

The songs composed by Jakes Bejoy and Shaan Rahman are passable, but the standout is Jakes Bejoy’s background score, which greatly enhances the viewing experience. The period setting is effectively brought to life by the art direction team. Nimish Ravi’s cinematography is outstanding. Production values meet expectations, but the editing leaves room for improvement.

Director’s Craft:

Abhilash Joishy’s direction falters in injecting freshness into a conventional narrative. Given the familiar plot, more imaginative storytelling was needed, particularly in managing the film’s extended runtime. Not even exceptional performances can salvage a film with lackluster writing.


“King of Kotha” emerges as a protracted and unengaging gangster drama. Dulquer Salmaan’s performance remains a highlight, supported ably by Dancing Rose. Nevertheless, the formulaic plot and sluggish pacing work against the film’s favor. Consequently, “King of Kotha” disappoints as a weekend watch.

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