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Pippa Movie Review

Pippa Movie Review: Ishaan Khatter and Mrunal Thakur’s film deserves applause for shouldering the burden of portraying the Indian Army on the big screen. The excellence of Hindi cinema is evident as films deemed suitable for OTT platforms are making their way into theaters, especially those crafted with grand cinematic vision for the big screen. ‘Pippa’ unfolds the story of the 45th Cavalry tank during the days leading up to the 1971 India-Pakistan war, showcasing its ability to maneuver on land and in water.

The film beautifully captures the daring tank assault on the Eastern Pakistan border, depicting the triumph and capture of the Pakistani military base. ‘Pippa’ not only impresses with its on-screen narrative but also in its strategic release on OTT platforms shortly after the unceremonious announcement, making it accessible to audiences. The narrative unfolds just before the 1971 war and narrates the events on the eastern border, showcasing the story of a unique tank from the 45th Cavalry that could traverse both land and water.

The decision to release the film on OTT without much fanfare is attributed to the impending release of ‘Sam Bahadur’ on December 1. Now, let’s delve into the transformation of Balram Mehta’s fate.

Just as Harry Potter needed a Dumbledore in his life, Captain Balram Mehta’s life takes a turn when, during the trial of the army’s first amphibious tank, he disobeys his Commanding Officer’s orders and engages in mischief in the water. As a consequence of his indiscipline, he is relegated to desk duty. However, fate takes a turn when he is challenged to convert a PT-76 tank’s three-seater into a four-seater for three soldiers. Balram rises to the occasion, and at that moment, Sam Maneckshaw arrives. Sam immediately orders the capable young man to the front, and thus begins the journey of the most unconventional hero, who, carrying the boots of his martyred soldier father, embarks on a mission that stands unparalleled in world history—a mission where India fought Pakistan and birthed a new nation, Bangladesh.

The film also explores the personal struggles of Captain Balram Mehta, whose initial insubordination leads to a desk job, only to later transform him into a hero on the battlefield. The narrative is poignant, emphasizing the sacrifice of neighboring countries’ armies for the freedom of another nation. The film aptly takes its name from the brave tank assaults that ignited the Pakistani Chaffee tanks during the 1971 war, as mentioned in Brigadier Mehta’s book ‘The Burning Chaffees.’

Technical Brilliance:

Films set in a specific historical era often boast about the brilliance of the cast, director, music, editing, and choreography, and ‘Pippa’ is no exception. However, the true soul of a film lies in the hands of its production designer. Mustafa Stationwala, the production designer of ‘Pippa,’ has brilliantly captured the essence of transporting the audience five decades back, delivering a nostalgic experience. As we watch these films, we often face the challenge of connecting emotionally and intellectually within the first 20-25 minutes. ‘Pippa’ successfully accomplishes this with the help of music composer A.R. Rahman, especially through the soul-stirring song ‘Main Parwana.’ Arijit Singh’s voice adds a unique charm to the film, creating a powerful impact.

Directorial Excellence by Raja Krishna Menon:

Moving on to the cast and direction, Raja Krishna Menon, known for ‘Chef’ and ‘Airlift,’ demonstrates his knack for understanding family dynamics and presenting them on screen convincingly. ‘Pippa’ stands as a testament to Menon’s growth as a director. Despite being born in Kerala, Menon skillfully crafts the story of two brothers and a sister from a Punjabi background, earning accolades for his work.

The film should have ideally seen a theatrical release on the big screen, especially considering the scenes where Pippa maneuvers in the water. Nevertheless, in the absence of that, a general film screening would have sufficed. The film’s sound design and music, tailored for cinema halls, suffer when viewed on mobiles, laptops, or televisions, making it a disservice to watch such a film on anything other than a cinema screen.

Impressive Ensemble Cast:

Apart from the lead actors, the supporting cast contributes significantly to the film’s success. Chandrachud Rai as the Chief of 45 Cavalry, Arjun Singh Duhan as Leftenant Speedy, and Suryansh Patel as Ramphal deliver commendable performances. Suryansh Patel’s character provides a touch of humor in an otherwise intense film.

In Conclusion:

‘Pippa’ is not just a film about war; it’s a film about the personal struggles, sacrifices, and victories of the individuals who played a pivotal role in shaping history. The film stands out for its technical brilliance, compelling narrative, and stellar performances. Inamul Haq’s distinctive acting prowess and the effective portrayal of the Mehta family make ‘Pippa’ a must-watch. As Inamul Haq continues to make his mark in Hindi cinema, there’s a possibility we might see him essaying the role of a main antagonist in the future.

In summary, ‘Pippa’ is a cinematic gem that not only pays homage to the unsung heroes of the 1971 war but also delivers a powerful and emotionally resonant narrative.”

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